Posted by: instanthausfrau | January 6, 2006

Baby’s First Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

So, at a recent holiday shindig, Moon met a two year old who was fascinated with the “baby”. At the urgings of his parents and our hosts, he hugged Moon repeatedly. She was a bit shy and uncertain at first, but was soon chasing him down to give him hugs in return. And now, she’s hugging everybody.

At the playground, I watch parental looks of suspicion and alarm chase my daughter as she runs up to tackle their unsuspecting offspring in a gentle baby-hug. Where they are doesn’t seem to matter; she’s just as happy hugging a child facing the other way as hugging a child eager to return her fledgling affections. At times, such as teetering on the edge of some slide or other playground equipment, ready to plunge off to their Doom below, one can’t help but be a bit concerned.

Today, Moon transferred her affections to a playground Mom. She reached out with a smile and a “Hi!”, took the woman’s hand, and began marching off with her. This Mom’s 19 month-old son was understandably outraged, and ran up to pull his mother’s hand away from Moon. “My Mommy,” he told her angrily, and raised a hand to hit my daughter. “No, no!” his mother cried. “That isn’t very nice!”

Moon simply opened her arms wide, smiled, and moved forward to enfold that boy, and the world.


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