Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 31, 2006

Essentials of New-Parenthood…

Nice post on Urbanmamas about the gear needs that comes with parenting. Wish I’d been able to send it on to a friend before her recent baby shower.

It seems important to note, however, that as much as we can try and make a general list of what was needed and what seems to be a racket for overpriced plastic, these things are highly personal. While I find I mostly agree with their list, I’ll just chime in with the comments that the bouncy seat was the only way I got a shower in for the fist 6 months or so. And note that while I consider the travel diaper-wipe warmer the height of taking advantage, a friend who has worked as a Nanny for years swears by the devices.

And while I’m talking about parenting blogs, following links in my reading today led me to Seattle-based Red Tricycle, which has given me a new way to describe my blog space: “It’s like Red Tricycle, only cheaper. Much, much cheaper.”


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