Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 31, 2006

On the Dangers of “Yay!”

So, lately, dearest Moon has taken cheering her accomplishments to a whole new level. While her first “Yays!” (clapping her hands, smiling, and saying “Yay!”) on completion of a task (like putting the correct block shape into the shape-sorter) were endearing, she has decided that the appropriate counter to “no” is “Yay!”.

“Moon, no! Stop climbing the cat funishings!” “Yay!”

“No, Moon! Bottom down on the sofa, please!” “Yay!”

“Moon! Gentle touches with the kitties!” “Yay!”

The kitty one will be answered soon enough when she goes to far with one of our fur balls, but the others? She giggles and laughs when I tell her no, despite my not letting her get away with whatever behavior is earning the no. I always knew my child was good natured, but this is a little too good natured.


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