Posted by: instanthausfrau | April 3, 2006

Living Vicariously Via Blog

So, becoming parents makes any family feel poor — all those new expenses like diapers and clothing every three months. Add to that potential changes in earned income or child care expenses, and you begin to feel there's no money to do anything.

This is where the glories of the Interyweb come in. I can, through reading the blogs of others, begin living the high life (or at least, finding an interesting new angle on it all) without leaving the my desk. Here are some of my favorite bits of blog at the moment:

The Accidental Hedonist and Seattle Bon Vivant allow me to indulge my foodie cravings while resigning my real world self to another day of shoveling bland, safe foods down my daughter's throat. Bon Vivant adds the extra bonus of occasionally learning about a fun new place where the husband and I can splurge on that cup of coffee or some Parisian Hot Chocolate, enjoying each other's company and the beautiful city we live in. Ah, bliss!

To properly explain the next blog on my list, I need to take you back.

In the late 90's, I was living in Japan as a student and teacher, practicing my language skills and soaking up the culture and life. And I discovered a peculiar fascination of the Japanese — hearing foreigners talk about their culture. There was a whole television show dedicated to it, where a bunch of foreigners sat and talked about those wacky nihonjiin. Coming back from my travels, I saw America with fresh eyes that questioned everything. Why do we do things the way we do? And now, Well, reading The I'mPerfect Mom, I'm getting a chance to see America (and my beloved Seattle) with fresh eyes again. It's an interesting cultural exchange, and knowing next to nothing about Malaysian life and culture, I'm learning a lot too.

And finally, Ravings of a Corporate Mommy used to be my what-if reading. I would check out the pages to see how Bear was doing, and imagine a life where I was still working full time. Recently, she's left her work and I find it less of a practice in escapism, and more of a journey in I remember that.

Who are you reading?


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