Posted by: instanthausfrau | April 19, 2006

Toys and Ice Cream

If you have more money then I do to spend on children’s toys and furnishings (not hard), Land of Nod is having a sale (up to 80% off!) on many items. Check them out online or head to the U-Village store to see what’s available in person. (This castle looks an awful lot like the one currently in our attic, waiting for Moon to reach the required age of playing-not-eating. It is part of the growing collection of toys in our attic that Mom and Dad think are Really Cool, and hope Moon will feel the same way about.)

In other U-Village news, next Tuesday will be a great day to hit Ben & Jerry’s. It’s the infamous Free Cone Day April 25th, sure to bring long lines of ice cream lovers. While I can’t promise that the sale will still be going on at Land of Nod then, free ice cream and cool kids toys, all in one convenient U-Village location seems a pretty sweet deal.

And if U-Village hits too many of your upscale yuppie buttons, click here for a list of all Washington area Ben and Jerry’s shops to find out who’s participating.

Land of Nod U-Village

University Village

Seattle, WA 98105


Ben and Jerry’s U-Village

2619 NE University Village,

Seattle, WA 98105



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