Posted by: instanthausfrau | May 11, 2006

To Market!

It’s Wednesday in May, and that means I got to drag Moon to the Columbia City Farmer’s Market for a quick trip through the stalls of flowers, cheeses, baked goods, and fresh produce. Moon was mostly interested in the visiting dogs, and had a great time pointing them out to me. She also got to re-meet the midwife who helped deliver her, who happened to be wandering the market with her own lovely daughter. Added bonus: all the visual and aural stimulation was enough to overwhelm my dear girl. Nap time was a breeze once we were back in the car.While my quest for fresh Mozarella did not go as planned, I found a local cheese maker with Paneer. (For those who don’t know it, Paneer is a mild cheese used much like tofu in many Indian dishes. Simply cube it and simmer it up in your Indian sauces, served over rice, and you have a delicious and kid-friendly protein and – dare I say it? – variety in the small-one’s diet). Quick and easy Indian dinners, here we come!

The previously mentioned and much adored Columbia City Bakery is staying open until 7pm on Farmer’s Market days, so I picked up a lemon meringue tart as a special treat to share with our guests this afternoon.

But now it’s off to finish tidying the house (quietly, so as not to wake the baby). Tonight’s guests are the first I’ve hosted for a playdate, and I’m nervous as all heck. With luck, we’ll be enjoying the weather in the backyard, Christening the sand and water table the grandparents spoiled Moon with, sipping lemonaide and eating vietnamese sandwiches from the local deli. If things go poorly, I’ll hide in my lovely flowers from the market. They’ll never find me in there.

Seattle Farmer’s Markets
As cheap or as expensive as you make it, and a great way to get shopping done and enjoy the outdoors. Click the link above to find a market near you.


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