Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 26, 2006

Bedtime procrastination: Just one more drink of water?

Moon, my dulcet darling, has become a first class Bedtime Procrastinator. With the aide of her miniscule vocabulary, she is able to ask for just one more glass of water (wa-ba?), another story before bed (moon?), another kiss (she plants kisses on me and keeps doing it until her affections are reciprocated — she must get that from her father), and so on, repeating steps as necessary to ensure Staying Up. I thought my daughter would be speaking in full sentences before the onslaught of delaying-the-inevitable began.

Procrastinating at 20 months. Where’s the line for that in the baby book?

Her other new melt-mommy’s-heart trick has been the pointing me out and proudly declaring “mama!” for the rest of the world. She’s feeling the need to announce my presence to strangers at the grocery store, parks, and malls. I know once the teenage years start, it will be all about making sure strangers know She’s Not With Me, so I’ll love being pointed out while I have it.

When I told The Husband about her new party trick as he and Moon came back from a jaunt at Cal Anderson Park*, he was unimpressed. “You’re just jealous that she isn’t all proud of her papa,” I retorted smugly. “No,” he replied, amused. “It’s just that she called several dogs at the park that, too.” Moon – 1, My Self Esteem – 0. But who’s counting?

*If you are one of the three or so people who haven’t been since they re-did this place, go! It’s really lovely, with a great playground and lots of dogs for small children to harass. In the Spring, they will be likely to have ducklings again, as they had a proud mom of twelve or so this year. Plus, all that great Cap Hill people watching for the parents!

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