Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 27, 2006

The Newest Animals at the Zoo: 48 Hand-Carved Horses

The restored 1918 carousel is up and running at Woodland Park Zoo. Now through September, you can pay $1.00 to ride the carousel located in the zoo’s North meadow. In September, they’ll be closing it down again to allow workers to complete the Carousel pavilion (with special rooms for birthday party rentals, along with a full enclosure for the horses). Between this and Zoomazium, a zoo membership is looking like the best deal for entertaining families in this city.

Moon is an expert Carousel Queen, and seeing this one as we entered the North Gate made her light up. “Whee?” she asked, pointing to the hand-carved horses. How could I refuse?

We watched the horses go ’round for a turn, noting that your dollar buys a good, long ride. The carousel is quiet, making it unobtrusive for those visiting the more lively zoo animals. It was also good to note that the outside row of horses don’t go up and down, so a less-adventurous young one has several steeds to choose from. We chose an inside row, as Moon is an experienced rider of painted ponies (and loves the chance to look up at the mechanism controlling her horse’s rise and fall).

There was no objection (or additional charge) for me to stand on the Carousel platform to hold my daughter in place and remind her that it’s good to hang on with both hands.

The detail on the horses is amazing. That alone can be enough to keep parents entertained by the ride. Most parents that weren’t riding or helping their child ride were snapping photo after photo on the sidelines.

Be warned: The zoo has lost no time in marketing to young horse lovers, and a small cart next to the pavilion hawks carousel stickers, stuffed animals, and statues.

She loved the ride, and was reluctant to say “bye bye” to the horses. I was too.

Woodland Park Zoo Carousel
$1.00 + zoo admission
Woodland Park Zoo’s North meadow

hours: 9am-6pm daily



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