Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 11, 2006

“Believe me. I don’t like her half as much as I hate you.”

Reynolds and Kelly in Singin' in the RainAges and ever ago, my own mother “tricked me” into watching one of her favorite movies with her by telling me that “Princess Leia’s mom” was in it.  It worked, I watched, and though Debbie Reynolds’ character (ingenue Kathy Selden) in Singin’ in the Rain isn’t much of a gun-toting sci-fi heroine, I came to love the film, too.  Besides, who can resist Gene Kelly singing the title song?

This weekend, you and your kids can catch it for free at the Seattle Center.

Movies at the Mural
  Singin’ in the Rain
Saturday, August 12th
The movie starts at dusk.

Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA   98109
(206) 684-7200


  1. You just made me want to live in Seattle, if only for the weekend.

  2. Eh, that Thalia kid’s cute. We’d take ya. ;P

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