Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 11, 2006

Need a little more “Huzzah” in your life?

Merchants at Gig Harbor Faire

Okay, I admit it. As a native East Coast-er, I’m spoiled. Ren Faires meant large permanent stage-structures, several fight shows per day, and Ye Olde Turkey leg. They occurred for multiple weekends, stretched over long months, and the weekends had themes to draw folks in. Here in Seattle, eh, not so much (think the same scones and other faire food from the County Faires, no permenant structures, and improved bouting as opposed to choreographed theater).

But the BIG one for Washington, at three weekends this year, is in the middle of its run. The Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor is on this weekend and next, offering performers like Thomas the Pyrojuggler and knights on horseback. So if your own Knight or Lady couldn’t get enough of Robin Hood, this may be the place to take them. And for the lovers of all things piratical (I’m noticing a blog theme this summer) B.O.O.M. (the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries) will be there from Portland.

Also, this is cheaper than Disney World. Lots cheaper. Your princess fan can get her (or his) fix, and your bank account can survive the experience. Just think! So head on out to the Faire, but be aware of the construction on SR 16 (specifically the Narrows Bridge) which will make the travel a bit longer than usual.

Renaissance Fantasy Faire
10215 SR 302 Gig Harbor, Washington
August 12,13, 19, & 20

Tickets are $12.00/adult,
$5.00/children (6-12),
Free (5 and under)
(prices slightly reduced if you order your tickets here)



  1. […] some growing pains with their new move from Gig Harbor to Belfair. While I mentioned the event briefly last year, when we did make a day of it Moon had a great time (especially with the musicians, and being […]

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