Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 12, 2006

Is that free range mold?

So, despite denials of any hippie cred, I have to admit that when it comes to eating we are in many ways living the patchouli lifestyle. I shop at local farmer’s markets, buy organic as much as a I can, use only milk that Trader Joe’s swears is bovine-growth hormone free, and try and do my own baking and making when it comes to snacks for Moon.

This means that when The Husband swapped Moon’s car seat from my car to his, the remains of The Waffle were barely recognizable. What had once been a made-with-love bit of whole-wheat flour goodness, carefully sealed into a Ziploc bag for consumption at the playground, had slipped unnoticed behind the baby seat.

Who knows how long that lonely waffle had been languishing in the dark? (Given the infrequent nature of my car cleaning habits, this is basically a rhetorical question). But as it emerged, held at a distance in its Ziploc prison, it barely resembled its former self. Now, it was a dynamic explosion of colors and textures — white, green, black, grey… It was a diversity of mold-growth previously unseen by humanity, and it was certainly a loss to the Scientific community that my first reaction was to dump it into my nearest trash receptacle. This was also a loss to the internet community, as if I’d been a real blogger I’d have snapped a picture for all of you first.

And now, facing waffle-Sunday tomorrow after these, frankly, rather disgusting events, I find myself questioning my family’s so called “healthy-eating” stance. A few dozen extra preservatives seem like a really good idea about now.



  1. Next time keep it and if someone gets sick at the Ren. Faire you have your own homemade antibiotics!

  2. Ah, the wonders of modern medicine, circa 1700 or so. I don’t think they’re too worried about being Period Correct, though. Folks show up in elf ears to this thing.

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