Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 29, 2006


I don’t think Moon had anything to eat yesterday that wasn’t A) popcorn, or B) chocolate frozen yogurt. The explanation is simple — Grandma was in town.

She had the perfect Grandma Day: Trip to the zoo (complete with ride on carousel, roaring at the lion, trumpeting at the elephants, and mass quantities of popcorn), trip to the toy store (new Robeez), and trip to Costco (new baking set with pots and pans to bang, chocolate yogurt). Bed time? Out the window completely. She ran til she collapsed.

Grandma loved it, Moon loved it, and I’m certainly amused by parts of it. Grandma has to travel from out of state to get here, so I’m feeling my right to be a stick in the mud about the basics is limited. This isn’t a daily occurrence, just and every-couple-of-months one. But man, that parenting guilt will get you, won’t it?

How do you all deal with the oncoming Grandparent-apocalypse?


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