Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 30, 2006

School Days: Sorting Through your Childcare Options Part 1

You’ve made it through pregnancy and the discomfort it brings, had your own “bundle of joy”, survived the sleepless nights and early-parenting panicing (Oh no!  The baby just picked something up from the floor and put it in her mouth!  Ah!)… Perhaps your maternity/paternity leave is up, perhaps you just want some time to yourself or to give your child a social outlet with peers. Regardless of the reason, the time has come to hand care of the person who means so much to you off to someone else. How in the world do you sort through the myriad of confusing options ahead of you? Here at the The Instant Hausfrau, we offer the following guide to your options:

Daycare: Most likely term to be used for infant care, comes in several flavors — drop-in (How many different communicable diseases can we spread from one family to the next? Endless variety available due to ever-changing lineup of children!), in-home (Oh my god, they let how many children do what in their house?), and specialized centers (Why does this place have such a pervasive smell of chicken noodle soup? Do I really need to fill out these twelve forms every time I drop my child off, and why does it seem like nobody reads them once I do?).

Preschool: Ah, I feel better already. My child isn’t in daycare, s/he’s in preschool. The semantics, they are everything. Once again, you have a couple of options — drop-in (please see drop-in daycare, above), co-op (Let me get this straight, I come work in the school during classtime, I come work on weekends and for fundraisers, and I pay the preschool for the priveledge of doing this?), and drop-off (I pay the big bucks, drop you off for a couple hours, and desperately try and remember what it was like to have my own life/cram in a weeks worth of errands while you’re gone. I am the one crying when I leave you, you are busy with the blocks).

Stay tuned for part the second, where we cover the adventures of actual school-aged children (maybe).



  1. I notice the ABC blocks image on your page and would like to receive permission to use the image on our web page. Do you own the copyright? If not, can you tell me the owner and contact information?


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