Posted by: instanthausfrau | September 15, 2006

Last call for Summer!

I had heard this nasty rumour that Seattle parks stopped their fountains and water-play areas on Labor Day. Thus, an outing earlier this week to the Miller Community Center caught me completely unprepared and without the necessary swim diaper. I had to pull a heart-broken Moon away from the “wah-bum” (water, for you English-speaking plebeians). A return trip that afternoon with swim-diaper in-tow saved the day.

If you haven’t made it to Miller yet, and don’t know about the great fountain, it’s one of those wonderous random-squirting sequences that so enthrall the preschool set. Jets of water go from mini-fountains to huge towers of water, only to vanish a moment later. Moon got delightfully soaked, as did her Pooh-bear, which seemed to be acting as a stunt double for the “risky” bits of water-play. Safety note: a couple of children (and parents) slipped on the decorative red bricks that line the outside edge of the fountain while we were there. Just something to be aware of when you bring your child to play.

So, even though the website says the fountain is closed for the year, it seems we’re sneaking a bit more summer in.
Miller Community Center
330 19th Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98118
Abundant parking available in the lot, the fountain is free but don’t forget that swim diapers are mandatory!

A Few More “Last Chance” Events: Have you…



  1. See how timely I am? 😉 But since I’m on a roll today, I just thought I’d thank you for the alert on the carousel closing on 10/2. I knew it was there and we’d planned to go see it (my mom just got us a zoo membership too) but weren’t aware it would be closing so we needed to hurry! We made it on 9/25 🙂 Isn’t it the most awesome thing ever? And they do give the longest ride for $1. Anyway, thanks again ! 🙂

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