Posted by: instanthausfrau | September 21, 2006

Baby Loves Classic Sesame Street

Baby loves disco. Or at least, that’s the theory behind the Philly-based franchise of Baby Loves Disco club afternoons (or, perhaps more accurately, “Mom and Dad miss going to clubs and feeling like they get to have fun and dance and be relevant”). Moms, dads, and kids under 7 have been going to parties at trendy nightclubs in New York, Hollywood and San Francisco (to name just a few) to enjoy dancing, healthy snacks, and a live DJ spinning 70s and 80s tunes. And now they can dance the afternoon away in Seattle, too.

Thanks to a tip from Red Tricycle, I headed on over to the Baby Loves Disco page to check out the action. Chop Suey is hosting, with tickets for the November 18th premier event on sale now. For $12.00/walker (crawlers get in free), you can join the afternoon fun, and kids who have had enough can retreat to the “chill-out room” for a bit of downtime. The party hasn’t even started yet, but a New Year’s event (with a countdown clock to twelve noon and a breakfast buffet) is already in the works. This is an idea worth watching, though $24.00 for an afternoon out with the girl is considerably on the spendy side for the Hausfrau budget (you go, then tell me all about it, okay? I’ll settle for living vicariously!).

It's not easy, bein' green.But even better to me than a chance to go out clubbing again, was the link on the Babylovesdisco page to this collection of clips from classic Sesame Street. Priceless.

Baby Loves Disco
Monthly dance event at Chop Suey, starting November 18th
1325 E. Madison
Seattle, WA 98122

Tickets: $12.00/person (crawlers get in free)



  1. too bad they don’t have that in Canada. Am so ready to go all groovy again 🙂

  2. How dedicated to that idea are you? They seem to be working a franchise sort of model — maybe you could start one there.

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