Posted by: instanthausfrau | September 23, 2006

“Cupcakes so ripe they’re almost falling off the vine”

harvest cupcakes in pumpkin, apple, and carrot flavours...

That’s right, folks. This weekend marks the kick-off of Cupcake Royale‘s Harvest Festival, the only time of year to find pumpkin, apple-spice, and carrot-cake cupcakes at the local chain of coffee and sugar goodness.  From September 22nd through November 23rd, all three locations invite you to “celebrate the harvest” with them.  And so we did.

Moon throughly enjoyed the carrot cake, while her parents think the pumpkin ones with cream cheese frosting are devine.  At $2.25/cake, the seasonal specialties are slightly more pricey than the tried-and-true flavours, but all are worth eating.  Their order form now lets you request a batch of the seasonal flavors during the festivites, something kids with Fall-birthdays may want to note.

B onus:  if you hit their Madrona location, you have a park to play in (and burn off that sugar?)  just across the street.

Cupcake Royale

West Seattle | 4556 California Avenue | 206.932.2971
Ballard | 2025 NW Market Street | 206.782.9557
Madrona | 1101 34th Avenue | 206.709.4497


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