Posted by: instanthausfrau | September 27, 2006

Quick note to new parents: You can do this, things will get easier.

The first three months with a baby are a blur of panic and sleep dep and hormones and huge life changes, set to a soundtrack of well-meaning people telling you this is the Best Time of your Life with the new space alien baby. Standing in the grocery store queue desperately trying to sooth your crying infant, having spent three hours just trying to get out of the house because it’s been Three Days and you really have to Get Out of the House, un-showered and barely presentable, the parent behind you shoots you a wistful/knowing look and says, “I miss my babies. Enjoy it while you’ve got it. It only gets harder from here.” You consider your options : weep discreetly or justifiable homicide?

Or maybe that was just me.

New parents: it does get better. I swear babies wait until you’re ready to throttle them to learn how to smile. But they do, and it makes the world that much better. Hats off to you, new parents, and may you sleep soundly and soon.



  1. no kidding! first three months go in a complete daze of disbelief as to how little sleep a human being can actually manage! I remember constantly feeling that if I sit down I’ll pass out.

    Now number 2 is coming. And I’m dreading: how am I gonna manage 2 kids?!! What if I pass out and my toddler drops the baby?

    Panic, panic, panic

  2. Number two? You are a brave, brave woman.

  3. That was me too! In fact we’re gearing up for #2 right now because I was afraid to lose my nerve with a newborn.

    My *baby* is 16 months old now… thank God it gets better.

    Panic. Panic. Panic. 🙂 At least I’m in good company!

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