Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 6, 2006

“This is a hammer, this is a nail, when this wagon’s moving, keep your tail on the bale!”

Last weekend, the family and I made it out to The Farm, home of Farmer Bob (pictured) and the infamous corn maze in the shape of the state of Washington (It was awesome for kids and an out-of-state’er like me, friends of mine more familiar with local geography have complained that it was too easy to not get lost in the maze). 

For you with small kiddos, this is a great destination.  Lots to do (pumpkin patch, petting farm, swings, hay maze, corn bin to jump in, wagon rides, etc.) without the overwhelming scale (and price gouging) of certain other farms.  The pig show was endlessly popular with the adults and very young children present, older kids were less taken with it.

The drive from Seattle wasn’t too long, and fresh corn and drip coffee were big hits with us.  We were celebrating a neighbor’s birthday, and it was the perfect place for it (I am now utterly paniced as to how Moon’s birthday could live up to her now-inflated expectations.  Eek!).  The kids could choose from all the activites available, coming together for cake, presents, and the wagon ride.  I’ll try and get more photos up on Flickr, but folks looking for a couple of hours of weekend fun this Fall could do far worse than to spend a day at The Farm.

The Farm 

7301 Rivershore Road
Snohomish,WA. 98290
Phone: 425.334.4124

Corn Maze: $5.00/person, $20.00/family
Hay Maze: $2.00/child
Petting farm, wagon rides, and story trail are free!


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