Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 7, 2006

Tiny Tots at the Seattle Symphony

All dressed upTiny Tots is the Seattle Symphony’s introduction to music program for children ages birth-5 years. 40 Minute concerts are presented throughout the concert season for parents and their children, helping introduce young ears and minds to the sounds of classical music.

Moon loved getting all dressed up and walking through downtown, marveling at the people and the buses rushing by. She loved the attention everyone gave her for being all dressed up, and she gawked at the blown-glass lighting in the lobby at Benaroya Hall.

The preshow was her favorite, though. Traditional Hungarian dancing, featuring both kids and adults in elaborate costumes. She managed to grab the hands of some of her fellow audience members to immitate the steps.

Once we were seated inside the auditorium, her intrest waned. She enjoyed hearing the members of the string quartet play their instruments, and the dance-along bits were definately her idea of fun, but the incredibly perky hosts were not to her liking.

A bonus for the event this year: free admission to Soundbridge with your ticket stub on the day of the concert, offering more ways for your child to enjoy the world of music.
And don’t make my mistake: know that you can bring a snack into the auditorium, and that everyone around you will.

Tiny Tots

Benaroya Concert Hall
200 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 866.833.4747


$7.00/person for each concert. All participants must have a ticket.



  1. She looks like an absolute princess. And she’s so lucky you take her to many nice places πŸ™‚

  2. It’s sweet of you to say so, and thanks.

    I take her to nice places so she can destroy them. Her nickname ain’t “The Destruct-o-matic Baby-Type” for nothing. But at least she can look like a princess while doing it. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi! She is SO completely adorable and her outfit is gorgeous as well! I absolutely love your story about your time together at the symphony and downtown. (Actually, I love all of your posts!) Thank you too for the link to my blog… wow! But I dunno if you really want to do that – I am the worst writer ever, and! I only update (with my crappy writing) ;p about once every 1000 years πŸ˜›

  4. Thank you for calling Lisa and I “incredibly perky hosts”! It sounds like you are providing a wonderful service for parents. It also sounds like you gave your daughter the gift of a very fun day and that she most enjoyed the instruments and dancing. As the programmers of these shows, as well as the singers/hosts, it is quite a challenge for us to address all the needs of this wide age range, newborn – five. Often times the younger ones do NOT want to hear us talking. Hope you come back again and see how she likes the shows as she grows. Happy Parenting!

  5. Linda —

    Thank you for taking the moment to comment. And you and Lisa are indeed incredibly perky — I imagine it takes a lot of energy to keep up that level of enthusiasm for the duration of one show, much less the several you do during one day. For this first show, one of you had a hurt foot and you were still going strong.

    I also agree that the age range is difficult. Has the Seattle Symphony put any consideration into breaking it down further to make your work easier?

    We have season tickets, and will be back, but knowing now how the show works and my own monster’s rambunctious personality, I would have waited until next year to give this a try. Other parents of active two year olds should know that too, I think.

    In the meantime, we’ll go and listen to what we can and I’ll do my best to keep Moon from climbing up onto your stage. Sound like a plan?

    And, I hesitate to say break a leg, so I’ll stick with best of luck for your Orff show. πŸ˜‰

  6. […] months) , preschooler (2-5) , Downtown  It seems Moon and I will be unable to attend the last Tiny Tots show of the season (out of town weddings will do that). This means that I’m offering our […]

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