Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 19, 2006

Lunch with the airplanes.

I can’t believe I’ve neglected to tell you all about this. Luckily, I was reminded today and can remedy my mistake.

Like many small people, Moon has recently developed an obsession with airplanes. She gleefully points them out in the sky, makes appropriate noises while “flying” her toys around the room, and otherwise demonstrates her interest. So, once a month or so, I’ve been treating us to lunch with the airplanes.

The Boeing Museum of Flight is a great place to visit with kids, especially after 5pm on the first Thursday of the month when there is no admission fee (I wrote up that experience here in March). But what I’m talking about is lunch at the Museum’s Wings Cafe, featuring a selection of kid-friendly foods at reasonable-for-museum-cafe prices. Parents of picky eaters rejoice! Your child will probably find something to eat here. But best of all, the Cafe places you right next to the runway of Boeing Field, making it a perfect spot for watching all those take-offs and landings with your aviation enthusist.

A word of caution: While there is no admission charge to eat at the cafe, you have to walk right past the gift shop to get there. Go quickly and distract to avoid a case of the I-wants.

Wings Cafe
Boeing Museum of Flight
9404 East Marginal Way South,
Seattle, WA 98108-4097


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