Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 22, 2006

Creating Daruma: Special Workshop at the Seattle Children’s Museum

This Sunday, children 5+ can learn to mold paper mache into Daruma, the monk famous for meditating so long that his arms and legs fell off. While an armless, leggless monk may seem like not much of a thing to make, paper mache Darumas are available for sale from Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples throughout Japan. Purchased without visible pupils, the new owner makes a wish and fills one pupil in with paint or pen. After the wish is granted, the other pupil is colored in. And if wish fulfillment isn’t enough to pique your child’s curiosity, perhaps telling them that Daruma is considered the founder of Martial Arts in China and Japan will.

Daruma making Workshop at the Children’s Museum
Sunday, October 22nd 2006
1pm – 4pm
Workshop free with museum admission, (adults and children 1+: $7.50, grandparents: $6.50)
Children 5 and up may participate in the workshop.


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