Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 27, 2006

The Littlist Vader…

I harth Darth comic icon, by FREAKY_DARLING_ on Livejournal As it turns out, the reason for Moon sounding like Darth Vader when she breathes is, in fact, croup. Because of the wretching cough of doom, no one in the Hausfrau Household was sleeping last night, but thankfully Moon’s passed out now. It’s been a long week of baby with 104 degree fever keeping me away, but here’s hoping the worst is done with. Moon was certainly feeling better enough to put up a valiant fight at the doctor’s office today.

But this was really all just an excuse to post the image. It’s from the I <3th Darth webcomics, which you should go read immediately if Darth Vader’s trials and tribulations as a parent hold any interest for you.


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