Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 29, 2006

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! Mexican Sugar Skulls

Image courtesy of Mexicansugarskulls.comWhile rainy Seattle weather can make the project seem impossible, I promise it can be done. With molds and instructions from, I’ve created many of these decorative treats (One year, 100-something of them for a project with middle schoolers). And this year, I’m excited to undertake the project with Moon.

If you can’t make it out to the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations at Seattle Center, setting up your own home alter to departed loved ones can be a lovely way to share this cultural tradition with your family. The link to MexicanSugarSkull above provides a recipe, and I’ve found that most grocery store bakeries have meringue powder they’re willing to part with at-cost. The warnings about wet weather have generally meant nothing more than a longer drying time. At Moon’s age (almost two), it’s all about the process of squishing sugar paste through her hands and making a mess with colored icing, but three year olds I’ve done the project with have loved showing off their decorative results.

And if the project and the Seattle Center seem too much to take on, head out to Capitol Hill sometime in the next few days to catch the always-amazing alter at Galarias on Broadway (usually featuring the one of the owner’s amazing Frieda Kahlo reproductions). The restaurant is not the most kid-friendly, so a lunch or early dinner are probably the way to go. The food and the display have always been worth it for us.


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