Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 1, 2006

Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday of your Choice!

So, the Christmas stuff, it is everywhere. Even worse, it was everywhere even before Halloween this year.  It may only come once a year, but it’s staying from three months now.  </grinch>

As December starts, sweatpantsmom offers her trails and tribulations in filling an Advent Calendar for her girls (Plus, an R.E.M. reference in the title, which this former Athens, GA girl just can’t resist).  I’m co-opting her post as a challenge (hope that’s okay with you, Ms. Pants!) — combined with the ideas behind the wonderful waste free holidays program that Seattle/King County offers every year, I’m making an advent calendar of holiday related activites to do everyday here in Seattle.  Check back daily for something new to do. 

Door 1 | December 1st |  Head Downtown to City Centre (You know, the two story mall with three Starbucks in it?) to check out the Gingerbread Village.  Local architecture firms build towering, sugary structures to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Foundation.  Bring at least two bucks cash per child, and your donation will not only help the cause but buy your kiddo a gingerbread man to snack on while checking out the confections on display.   The Pike Place Market is incredible, as is the mini Seattle complete with Ballard Locks and Fremont Troll.  Jot down inspiration for making your own treat at home later in the month (’cause you know we all want a candy replica of the Smith Tower in our living room!). [Photo courtesy of the November 20, 2006 – P-I/Mike Kane]



  1. […] Door 4 | December 4th Take inspiration from the masterpieces of sugar on display at City Centre, and make your own Gingerbread Chateau. Kits are available all over town, from the Ikea and Trader Joes’ versions of pre-made gingerbread you assemble yourself to Safeway’s already assembled houses just waiting for your decorative touch. Whole Foods even offer gingerbread mix with detailed instructions. But whatever method you choose, have fun making it! […]

  2. […] of advent calendars, I am indebted to the Instant Hausfrau, who is putting together an ‘advent calendar’ of Seattle-based holiday activities.  I am also indebted to her for posting a link […]

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