Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 4, 2006

Lay me down in a gingerbread coffin…

Door 4 | December 4th Take inspiration from the masterpieces of sugar on display at City Centre, and make your own Gingerbread Chateau. Kits are available all over town, from the Ikea and Trader Joes’ versions of pre-made gingerbread you assemble yourself to Safeway’s already assembled houses just waiting for your decorative touch. Whole Foods even offer gingerbread mix with detailed instructions. But whatever method you choose, have fun making it!

Don’t forget to pick up your favorite candies to decorate with — even if you go the kit method, it’s often more fun to provide your own additional sugar.

And a special request — once your gingerbread masterpiece is finished, could you upload a picture and let me know where to find it in the comments? I’d love to see what you’ve made.



  1. Holy…

    The only problem is, mine would never look even close to that. It would look more like…well, like something I end up throwing away before I photographed it at all. Now let’s see yours, lady!

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