Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 7, 2006

Santa Visit

Day 7 | December 7th | Quick! While it’s still not the weekend yet! Go get that photo of your child sitting in some strange man’s lap! If you hurry, you might get your pictures back before the end of the year! And while you wait in line, here are some things to do:

There now. Don’t you feel ready to join in the holiday cheer?

(To be fair, we waited in the ridiculous Downtown Nordstrom’s line, for about an hour, so that Moon could pet the dog next to Santa and ride the rocking horse. After saying “Hi!” she wanted nothing to do with Santa himself, and I’m not “traditional” enough for the crying photo. She was thrilled to see the horse, though.)



  1. […] A suggested donation of  $2.00/person gets you a ride  on the steed or  seat of your choice,  with proceeds benefiting  Northwest Center.  Take a moment to step away from the holiday bustle and ride; just think, you could have a yearly photo tradition that doesn’t involve your child screaming. […]

  2. thanks for that super posts

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