Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 8, 2006

Holiday Cards

Door 8 | December 8th | Weekend is upon us, so shopping malls must be avoided at all costs. Today is a great day to finish up those holiday cards, complete with Cheery Family Update Letter for all the people you only contact once a year via Holiday Card. Which brings me to my favorite Christmas Letter Story Ever:

One Christmas, long ago, my family received a card and Requisite Letter. As we began to read, we were greeted with horror after horror that had befallen this family. Little Timmy had cancer. The Dog got run over. Dad lost his job. The parade of tragedies was endless, and your heart just bled for these folks. But at the same time, we had no idea who they were.

So, as we are reading this story of hardship and heartache, we’re also each silently trying to remember who had a son named Timmy, or who had worked at X Company, or had that dog. We were all too afraid to admit we couldn’t remember these people at all, these folks who had invited us into their mishaps and heartache from the year. I mean, here they were laying out all they’d been through, and we didn’t have the common human decency to remember who they were?

Finally, we all reach the end of the first page, and with some trepidation flip it over to read the continuation. Instead of the previous typing, there is a handwritten note:

I went to xerox my Christmas Letter at the store, and found this one left on the glass. It was so much more interesting than mine, so I decided to send it instead. Love, Aunt Sue.

This holiday season, be greatful that you aren’t having to head to Kinkos to send out a Christmas Letter, and that you probably don’t live in the same town as my aunt.



  1. That is so funny! Great story!

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