Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 19, 2006

InstantHausfrau Admin: Advent Calendar catch-up

You may have noticed that the advent calendar is running a bit, shall we say, behind?   Apparently, two posts from last week didn’t really want to be here and have vanished.

So, in addition to those posts that seem to have vanished into the ether, like much of Seattle the Hausfrau Household had our power knocked out for the last four days.  This means no posting advent calander days then, either.  Instead, we tried to bail the water out of our leaking basement.  Moon naturally chose this time to begin fearing the dark. Go team us!

I’ll be doing a mad scramble to catch up in our (thankfully warming) home, and I hope you all are enjoying warm homes and working electricity on your side of things.  So sorry for the delay on my end, and thanks to all the light crews working their 40 hour shifts to get everyone’s power up and running again!


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