Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 22, 2006

Kids Films for Free in Columbia City

Door 22 | December 22nd | The ever-glorious Columbia City Cinema is providing a real holiday treat for parents and kids. At 10:00 am every morning through the 30th (excluding Christmas and Christmas Eve), a different children’s film is being shown on their glorious screen for free. The only catch? No outside food or drink, as the cinema is hoping this will be a fundraiser of sorts. But why would you want something from the outside, when $1.50 buys you a small bag of the best popcorn on the planet? (Please note, you’ll need checks or cash on you, as the cinema does not accept credit cards.)

If you’re not familiar with the Columbia City Cinema, it’s a great little local institution. They are a completely independant cinema showing first run films, which is a hard trick to master in this day and age of big, souless theater complexes. Not only have they been fighting the good fight to stay our independant house of film, their cash box was stolen two days ago, effectively wiping out their profits. You have a chance to make a difference for a wonderful cinema, and enjoy a great kids film to boot. Those who want to give the gift that keeps on giving can buy memberships to Cinema Friends for their loved ones, providing a variety of Columbia City Cinema perks. Come on out and spread the Christmas cheer!

The Columbia City Cinema is located at 4816 Rainier Avenue South, between South Edmonds and South Angeline Streets in the Columbia City neighborhood. See you at the movies!



  1. […] Cheap Thrills , preschooler (2-5) , Elementary (5-10)  That’s right — apparently the Christmas movies were so successful, that this looks to be a continuing event for the Columbia City Cinema. Saturday […]

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