Posted by: instanthausfrau | January 18, 2007

The Preschool Search: The Seattle Options & Educational Philosophies

Cookie Magazine has a great run-down on the various philosophies of education guiding the preschool set.  Everything from Traditional to Montessorri to Reggio Emilia, laid bare. And best of all, they list the “Sticks and Stones (and criticisms)” of each philosophy,  allowing you to see what problems other parents have found with that particular guiding light.  Definitely worth a read for parents entering the murky waters of preschool shopping.

And for the great run down of your local Seattle preschool options, get thee to Parent MapTheir story on picking a preschool has some great basics for narrowing your search (I tend to drift hopelessly from one enticing option to the next, wanting to know what every available option is.  They suggest narrowing your search by the time you have available, the financial aspect, and location.  Simple?  Why yes!).  The article ends with a list of resources for finding the preschools in Seattle, so if you’re unsure as to what options are near you it’s a great place to start.

Happy hunting!



  1. Everytime I come here you have a different nugget of really useful information. Your blog has been such a great resource for us moving here, thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for saying so. That means the world to me.I hope ex-pat life is getting easier for you in Seattle, and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. For what it’s worth, you seem to be living a pretty “yummy mummy” life to me. 😉

  3. Phew! I just spent 2 hours searching in vain for great Seattle parenting blogs and I am so happy to have finally found you! Interestingly, I ended up finding you through my favorite Portland parenting blog urbanmamas. I can hardly wait to read up on all your entries. We’re moving to Kirkland in June/July and we’ve got a lot to figure out before then. Thanks for creating this blog!

  4. Good luck with the upcoming move, and I hear your love of Urbandmamas (such a great blog!).

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