Posted by: instanthausfrau | February 7, 2007

Smells like new baby…

Just some quick navel-gazing, as it’s my blog and I can.  A friend had her first child recently, and despite a dramatic entrance into the world, the little girl and her mom seem to be doing fine now.  This had me reading my journal from Moon’s first days of life, and finding things like this:

 Two Months Pregnant:

  • The Husband refuses to carry the baby. He says he’ll do that once it’s born. Bastard.
  • “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is an evil, evil book. It should be called, “Your Pregnancy as a Disease: And How Everything You Do Will Kill The Baby”. Sample passage:

      If you find you are convulsing on the floor, bleeding profusely and foaming at the mouth, this is a normal phase of your pregnancy. If you take any medication for any of these conditions, you will KILL THE BABY. So, you should find a way to restrain yourself over carpeting while you writhe, in order to provide a gentler impact and not KILL THE BABY.

Moon, 4 days old:  Baby’s First Eating Disorder

…Our one hour appointment at the hospital yesterday turned into most of the day. She’s not eating anything nutritive, just her lip. She’s lost almost a pound. We take her in again to be weighed today, and if she’s not gaining she’ll need to go into the NICU and be fed intravenously to stop her from getting too dehydrated.

It was really bad in the lactation consultant’s office (Yes, people really do have jobs like “lactation consultant”) — she wouldn’t take a bottle, or a feeding tube, or anything. Scary to watch the professional who’s trying to help you fail. Moon’s gag reflex is incredibly strong, and the nurse thinks it’s probably due to the suctioning of her airways at her birth. We’re on orders to wake her every two hours and fight until she takes down some milk.

Things were going better last night, or seemed to be. Got some good long feeding times in, and we’re now supplementing with bottles of pumped milk as well just to try and get something in her. It’s not a problem of supply, as I seem to be soaking everything in the general vicinity of my shirt front.

But things are bad again this morning, and she’s fighting everything again.

Image issues? Hunger strike? I joke ’cause I’m exhausted and hormonal and crying, and I just want so badly for her to be okay.

Can I just state for the record how greatful I am to not be in that place now?



  1. Oh, this sounds so familiar. The Minx was born underweight and lost nearly a pound in the first week of her life (she went down to under five pounds at one stage). She was a weak and pathetic feeder and kept vomiting what we did manage to get down her. We spent the first week after she was born in the Special Baby Unit and I spent the first three months of her life either with my boob in her mouth or with her wailing because she was hungry. I have NEVER been so miserable Of course you’d never guess if you saw the great tall girl she has become…

  2. That sounds so completely stressful, and you seem so much braver than I was about it. As for your great tall girl, yay for Minx!

  3. […] along with, “Baby’s First Middle of the Night Emergency Room Visit” and “Baby’s First Eating Disorder” we have a new one for the book; “Baby’s First Curse Word” (it’s […]

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