Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 12, 2007

Quick Notes:

There is a reason that only one letter seperates the words “mother” and “smother” in the English language.

Hi, how are you all? We just got back from a trip at the opposite end of the country, me being Moon & myself. The husband was smart enough to stay behind and avoid 11 hours of travel time with a two-year-old. The time not traveling was marvelous, but between the time change there and daylight savings, I’m all messed up. How many previous generations have gotten time with their Great-Grandparents, I have to wonder? How much more common is that becoming?

Travel-bag for toddler To give this post some useful content, the travel bags shown here were a big help. Included you’ll find some antibacterial wipes, one of those disposable stick-down placemats with pictures of licensed characters, and a small container of Play Dough which fit easily into the Ziplock. Having a couple on me at all times provided easy ways to clean up before, during, and after those airport food court meals, and blessed, blessed distraction when needed. I was also able to help a few other traveling parents, which is always a good feeling. Highly recommend having something like this along.

Anyways, more on Seattle doings soon, as we settle back into the swing of things here. And by “swing of things” I mean “get past the application due dates for all these preschools”. Oi. How’s your preschool hunt going, by the by?


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