Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 24, 2007

Morning on the town in Columbia City:

A rainy Friday morning meant it was the perfect day to head down to the Rainier Community Center‘s Toddler Play Gym. $2.00 got us access to the open space, balls, mats, and cars in the gym. We met up with some friends, and while the adults talked (and occasionally intervened) the children ran and chased and climbed. As the lunch hour approached, we donned our rain gear and began our walk up the hill.

We ducked into Sweet Pea’s, which let me check out the consigned clothing while Moon got some quality time playing with the kitchen set she loves. Then we were off to lunch at Tutta Bella Pizzareia.

We were seated immediately by the window (walking in the door at noon was a great plan, apparently!), where Moon could look out at the new puddles forming and sing (“itsy bitsy spider! Down came the rain! Down came the rain! Rain!”). We got a Bambino pizza for her, and the Proscuitto E Rucola for me — oh, a Cafe Freddo too. (While we didn’t need to call out the reserves this time, Tutta Bella is a great place for your toddler. You can always request some pizza dough from the kitchen, providing play dough opportunities to distract with the added bonus of watching the kitchen at work from your place. The deep toddler need to do what the grownups are doing is then gratified, as you can often see the staff at work from your table. Moon loves making her own pizza.) We finished out the meal by sharing a special treat — a scoop of the Nutella gelato. Then, with to-go boxes in hand (dinner later? Why yes!), we made our way through the puddles and back to our waiting car. Moon was out cold before we finished buckling her into her car seat.



  1. This is getting uncanny. The Minx and I went to the Wallingford one the day before we left for England, and had EXACTLY the same menu.

    Good tip about being able to request pizza dough. May pick some up to make pizzas at home one day, which the Minx likes to do, though with TB so close I’m not sure we need to.

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