Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 27, 2007


I just spent 45 minutes in a bathroom located in one of Seattle’s public libraries attempting to change a diaper while Moon completely melted down. You see, we’re in the midst of that exciting time known as “Toilet Training”, and Moon had wanted to use the toilet. Only, we were a bit late and she had already, um, made use of her diaper. We talked about how accidents happen, and it’s okay, but we’d need to use the changing table to clean up. Next time, we could use the big girl toilet instead.

Oh, the torture I put her through. If CPS were called, I would not be surprised. My ears are still ringing from the sound of her tormented howling echoing on around the tile room, and I’ve since thought of a million other things that could have been done to handle the situtation. If you were anywhere nearby, I am so very sorry.


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