Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 30, 2007

Playing outside!

Getting ready to garden!

Planting time is here, especially with this amazing break in the weather of late. We’ve been talking a lot about seeds and plants, so it was only a matter of time before we headed off to City People’s Garden Store on Madison to pick up some planting goods. If you haven’t yet found City People’s, go. It’s a fabulous local store, and very inspirational this time of year. Looking at the patio furnishings, candles, lanterns, birdhouses, and plants got me dreaming of a backyard green beyond my novice-gardener skills. This store is dangerous. That said, maybe someday…

Walking through the nursery to pick out our plants was a fun adventure in itself. Eventually, the pink flowers pictured on the label attracted Moon to the Yarrow we picked up, and the size was right for the window box we picked up from Ikea. A bag of Organic Potting Soil and our 2 yarrow plants later, and this brown thumb was on her way.

Watering the cherry tree.At first, Moon was a bit unsure about this whole “playing-in-the-dirt-is-okay” thing (have I really been that strict about mess? You’d never know it from the state of our house). But soon, she was elbows-deep into the bag, grabbing handfuls and piling dirt into the box. And the stairs. And the patio. Oh well, she was having fun!

I’ll need to fill in a bit while she’s off in nap-land, but Moon was thrilled with the results of her handy-work. And getting to water her new charges was the icing on the cake. Any chance to play with water is a wonderful thing for her. She even took a moment to water (again) the Weeping Cherry Tree the Husband and I planted a couple of weeks ago (and look! It has flowers now! I may be able to get the hang of the gardening thing yet!).

All-in-all, project Garden has so far been a success. I’ll let you know how well we do on keeping the poor things alive long enough to bloom and whatnot. It’s a great time for planting, and the weather is making being outdoors a lovely proposition. Happy planting!
The mostly-finished project.

(And yes, Paola, that is a green house in the background of the picture.)



  1. Oh dear. Well at least the windowbox is FAB.

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