Posted by: instanthausfrau | April 2, 2007

Book Review: Sometimes I’m Bombaloo!

Sometimes I'm Bombaloo! Katie Honors is a pretty good kid, who brushes her teeth without too much reminding, says please, and picks up her toys. But sometimes, when she gets really angry, she’s BOMBALOO!

If you’re looking for a book that deals with the overwhelming nature of young emotions in an empathetic (and funny!) way, this may be the one for you. We’ve already taken it out from the library 4 times, and Moon delights in burying her face in the covers when Bombaloo makes her ferocious appearance, using “my fists and my feet instead of my words”. Yumi Heo’s illustrations of crayon, paint, and collage are more vivid depictions of Bombaloo’s overwhelming emotions than any attempt at realism could give. The duel nature of the character makes this a really fun book to read aloud, too. Many thanks to writer Rachel Vail for this particular delight, which manages the rare trick of an ending that is sweet without being cloying. Two thumbs up.

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo
On Amazon
At Seattle Public Libraries



  1. […] to ask if they dealt with anything like this? What worked for them? Talks with Moon, too. We got Bombaloo back from the library, and that’s helped some. “It’s scarey being […]

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