Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 1, 2007

Seward Park Annex Building (and Playgrounds) Closed for Renovations.

This project has been talked about since 2003 or so, and yet I still found myself quite taken by surprise to see a fence closing off the building (and the tall-ship themed playground) for renovations. Scheduled to re-open in November, the completed Environmental Learning Center will house local offices for the National Audubon Society in addition to the interpretive naturalist programs run by the city. Project overview available here.

If you’re going in the meantime, you’ll still find plenty to do: overfed ducks and geese to say hi to, access to swings and to a tall metal slide hiding in the tree line, trails through the woods or around the water to wander, and many a person out walking a dog.

Those potty training may want to take special note that with the closing of the Annex Building for construction, restrooms are scarce. You might do better to hit nearby Lakewood Park for playgrounds and easy bathroom access.


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