Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 16, 2007

Got dentist?

Had our much-parentally-dreaded First Trip to the Dentist recently. Both the husband and I got to be that dorky kid in braces in middle school, so we have an idea of the horrors ahead for Moon. Only, being somehow doubly cursed, I had them twice (with the added indignity of dentists in my adult life asking, “Have you considered braces?”). Before visiting the Orthodontist for the first time, we unwittingly watched “Little Shop of Horrors” and my trauma was complete when the man in charge of metallic smiles walked in looking like Steve Martin. If there was ever an, “I’m Not Going To Do That To My Daughter” story for me, this was it.

So, I started asking around. Before Moon even had teeth, I asked moms with older kids about their DDS experiences and lurked on Moms Groups; slowly filtering and compling my list of possibilities. When Moon turned eighteen months old, I delayed. She wasn’t ready yet. There was still time. I could procrastinate on this trip I was dreading for a bit longer. Then she turned two, and I found another list of reasons to delay, and I realized that I could probably come up with lame reasons not to go even if her teeth were brown and falling out. So, I took my top three, checked with our dental insurance, and headed off to Seward Park Family Dental.

Wow. All my expectations for suffering through this new experience were gone — Moon loved her first visit to the dentist. She got to help handle all the dental tools, tried her best to eat their bubble-gum flavored tooth paste, and even got to pick a toy at the end (but she was pretty thrilled with her new tooth brush, so she seems to feel she got two toys). The only thing the dentist didn’t let her do was put the tools in his mouth after they had just been in hers. Three days later, she asked to go back. All this and clean teeth, too. I cannot recommend them enough.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, talking to one of Seattle Central Community College’s Parent Educators about the experience (’cause I got the zeal of the converted, I do) got me her story with them: her four year old, when asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, said she wanted to go to the dentist. So they did (take that, overpriced birthday parties!). And the office made a Very Big Deal of the occasion, as that was the first time that had happened. Insert bad joke about a “party in your mouth” here.

Seward Park Family Dental
5224 Wilson Ave South, Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98118
Tuesday | 9 am – 7 pm
Wednesday – Friday | 7 am – 5 pm
Saturday | 9 am – 1 pm




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