Posted by: instanthausfrau | August 28, 2007

Run, Don’t Walk to “The Green Sheep”.

The Green Sheep

I almost titled this post “zeal of the converted”. Because I am.

When I first heard about Seattle Children’s Theater’s adaption of “Good Night Moon” last year, I was much with the scoffing. Oh, the riveting drama of saying goodnight to every object in the playroom. Why in the world was this picture book chosen? I mean, for the characters? The plot (who, oh who, shall be bid goodnight next?)? But then I heard the feedback from other parents, all glowingly positive. From people with better taste than mine, even.

Still, it wasn’t without some skepticism that I saw the flyer for “The Green Sheep“. Billed as a “Theater Experience for ages 1-4”, and based on yet another page-turning picture book, I remained hesitant. But when an offer of discounted tickets to members of Woodland Park Zoo went out, and the news that ticket stubs would be good for time at the Children’s Museum in Seattle Center for the day of the show, I bit the proverbial bullet.

Moon Sheep action!Wow. I am so glad that we caught this. A mix of moving, singing, acting, and watching for all participants in a sort of reverse theater-in-the-round setup, this was perfect for Moon. She loved all aspects, but especially the opportunity provided after the show to go and see all the sheep (and even pet the elusive green sheep!). Audience members are, for the most part, seated on the floor; there were benches provided off to the sides for those requiring them. Be sure to say hi to the musician (over by the band sheep, natch); he was wonderful about sharing various instruments and letting the kids explore the sounds they make.

The only bad news is that this is the last week of the show’s run, and Friday’s performances are already sold out. But please, if you can possibly make it, do so. I’m scrambling to see if the Hausfrau Household can afford to go again.

Seattle Children’s Theater presents: The Green Sheep
The Children’s Museum, at Seattle Center
Wednesday, August 29th | 10am
Thursday, August 30th | 10am & 11:30am
Box Office Phone: (206) 441-3322

Recommended for: Ages 1-4
Ticket Cost: $17.50, $15.00 for children’s museum and zoo members



  1. He he! Goodnight Moon was BETTER. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the bears on chairs dancing. And the clocks…(And it has Moon’s name in the title…)

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. […] July 8, 2008 in Places to visit, Seattle, Seattle Center, preschooler (2-5), toddler (1-2) Those with toddlers and young preschoolers will want to check this out. The show will run the month of October, and seating is in the reverse-round (the audience sits in the sheep pen, with the actors performing around the perimeter. The action is always moving, which helps keep the audience enthralled). Review of the last staging here. […]

  3. […] (which is a shame, as I grabbed more, but Comcast hates South Seattle). Not much has changed since I reviewed the show last year; still a four person and many-sheep cast, but this time, you’ll find the sheep pen on stage […]

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