Posted by: instanthausfrau | November 1, 2007

Saved from Complete Blogging Shame!

The in-laws are in town, my router dies every time it comes into contact with my Father-in-Law’s computer, and I have thus been in blogging abyss. The lovely Paola from Mirror Mirror has come to my rescue, posting a write up of Halloween activities that thankfully includes our family too. Whew! (Plus, you get to see their lovely pumpkin. Don’t forget to peak around the rest of her blog, and her lovely store. You too can fall in love with items like these stacking egg cups and then curse the fact her prices are in pounds.)

Late happy Halloween?

We gave out play dough, which was satisfactory in the fact that Moon was delighted to be giving away such a quality treat, and teenagers without costumes were equally non-delighted to receive it.

Moon finds her pumpkin at the FarmIn our rating of pumpkin patches for the year, The Farm proved a more enjoyable experience than Fall City Farms, in large part because the weather was splendid during our trip to Fall City, and this made the crowds unbearable. I loved feeling like Fall City was our secret pumpkin patch, but this year the hordes were ready and waiting. (In an amusing side note, showing up at opening on a late-in-the-season weekend at The Farm, we saw the field being seeded with pumpkins off a truck. From the local Safeway, perhaps? In their defense, there were plenty still on the vine on opening weekend — yes, there is enough to do there that we went twice).

Next year, we’re going to have to hit Jubilee Farms, as friends have shown us pictures of a pumpkin trebuchet, and how can you say no to that?


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