Posted by: instanthausfrau | November 28, 2007

Cool Advent Calendars.

Just in case you haven’t found an Advent Calendar yet, here are a couple that go beyond the usual glitter-covered picture or chocolate-filled versions.

Advent Calendar full of LegosLego Advent Calendar | Need I say more? This calendar provides Lego goodness to your child for every door opened ($25.00). Order online, or head to Bellevue’s Lego Store to pick one up. (Playmobil offers a variety of these as well, including knights and unicorns – $50.00).

But the best buy of the bunch is the beautiful Caran D’ache advent calendar available at Retroactive Kids. These were a good deal to start with, as the calendars were mis-shipped to the Columbia City store, and the owners offered them for the bargain price of $30.00 (expected retail for these is $40). As of this afternoon, they were available for half-price, and only four were left. For good reason. The calendar is filled with the company’s beautiful colored pencils, crayons (which, when dipped in water, make excellent face paints), and even a fountain pen for small hands. It’s a truly lovely set, and worth swinging down to the South Side for.


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