Posted by: instanthausfrau | December 21, 2007

Catching Up with Santa Claus…

Santa and friends

Every time I start to feel overwhelmed by holiday rush, I just think of all the places Santa is scheduled to be and it suddenly seems less daunting. He has to be everywhere, and still get around the world in one night to deliver gifts. Exhausting.

So, with so many places to meet the man in red, what’s a parent to do? Here are some overheard or experienced tidbits on the best places to stop for a photo and chat with St. Nick, with the added bonus of being off-the-beaten-trail:

Mohai: While Santa’s stop off at the Museum of History and Industry is brief, kids and parents were thrilled with the quality time they had together. Pictures were taken in an antique Victorian Sleigh, and Santa took the time to explain it’s workings to his young (and older) visitors. One three year old boy we know was thrilled to bits that Santa could take the time here to discuss the finer points of Thomas the Tank Engine trains (“He even knew the names!” the surprised boy added).

Santa in FlightBoeing Museum of Flight: As if the excitement of Santa weren’t enough, how about Santa who flies in on a helicopter before sitting to do meets and greets with the kids? The Boeing Museum has that, and a special reception room with cookies and an airfield view for members. Santa lands early in the morning, and leaves plenty of time to explore the museum before sitting down in his lap to talk over the wish list (just don’t blame me when the kiddos want a fighter jet).

And while these shinning stars are finished until next year’s holiday madness starts up, you can still track santa from home this Christmas eve, thanks to the folks at NORAD. There’s even a Google widget you can add to your google desktop this year, complete with countdown, videos, and real time tracking information. If only Olivia had known about this…



  1. We LOVE Olivia. She reminds us of someone we know. This year’s best Christmas book.

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