Posted by: instanthausfrau | January 10, 2008

To the Poor Soul googling “Reggio Emilia Seattle preschool” again and again:

The only thing I found on my particular preschool hunt was teacher Julie Zerger at Rainier Valley Coop Preschool, who described her teaching style as “Reggio Emilia like”. I was also sticking to the South End of Seattle in my search. Anyone else have any leads for this reader?

As for us, we’re staring at a school conundrum I don’t like. Moon loves Preschool-Of-Choice (the hard-sought, we-were-waitlisted school of all our hunting last year this time). The teachers are supportive, she begs for school every day, and she’s obviously growing in leaps and bounds. It’s been amazing to see. But. (There’s always one of those, isn’t there?)

Of the local elementary schools that we are interested in, two have preschools attached. Parental word on the street is that you have to get your child into the preschool portion if you want them to continue into the elementary school part of things. So, do we pull her out of a place she loves, where she’s learning and growing and thriving, in the interest of her elementary school years? Do we let her stay where she is, avoiding the yet-another-transition problem, and then panic when our options are closed off in three years and she’s entering the Great-Elementary-School-Unknown? It seems crazy to be having to worry about (and tour) elementary schools this far out, but there was plenty of parenthood I didn’t see coming, and here I find myself. What the heck are you all doing?



  1. I had to actually check today’s date because I happened to be just doing that but not yesterday so it’s not me. At this point I have absolutely no advice but for a second I was thinking, how did she know??

  2. Ah, to briefly feel omnicient… 😉

  3. In the central area, Hilltop. Queen Anne.

  4. The Stroum Jewish Community Center Early Childhood School is a Reggio-based program with 2 locations: one in N. Seattle and one on Mercer Island just off the I-90 bridge. HTH!

  5. hilltop childrens center in seattle is reggio emilia based.

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