Posted by: instanthausfrau | March 20, 2008

Scattered thoughts from a cross-country plane flight:

Moon: I want your heart.
Me: Um, what?
Moon: I take your heart, and I turn it into playdough! *mimes smashing playdough between her hands*
Me: *laughing, now* Oh no!
Moon: And then I make a crown, that you can wear. Yay princess mommy!

This was not recorded for you, but so that I might remember some small part of this experience of my daughter at three.

While the flights went well this last time, I have discovered a deep hatred for the new boarding policy at Southwest Airlines (families with children under 4 get to board after the first 60 people have made it on). Their cheap fares will not be enough to seduce me again, I’m thinking.

On the trip, I made it through Beautiful Boy and halfway through Tweak (if you’re thinking of reading these two, please do so in this order. Half the ‘joy’ of beautiful boy is all the suspense in having no idea what Nic is really up to. Reading Nic’s account kind of spoils that). I still had to stop and entertain a small person. See? She was angelic for the flights.

Those books were my choice when I couldn’t find a copy of Schuyler’s Monster, which Amazon kindly delivered this afternoon and I have been unable to put down. I’m only posting this as I finish it. It’s a wonderful account of the love of a family for their “cyborg daughter”, and if you like the author’s blog at all, you’ll love the book. I cannot recommend it enough right now, and find myself desperately hoping to know what her parents want to know, too: What does the future hold for Schuyler? Whatever it is, you want it to be amazing for this little girl with a big roar.


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