Posted by: instanthausfrau | June 22, 2008

Drinking the Circus Flavor-aid: It’s Not For Kids

Circus ContraptionLast night was a long overdue date night, where The Husband and I joined friends for an evening of Circus, gold lamé, and great balken-influenced music. “The Show to End All Shows”, the 10th anniversary offering from the folks at Circus Contraption, is a twisted homage to the 1970’s circus show. And what all the reviews seem to have missed is that the evening marks a spiraling decent into Jonestown allegory.

We begin beautifully – a parade of the performers, bright lights, and reminders that we’re safe here, away from “the world outside.” References begin subtly; after watching an aerial performance of mermaid-on-anchor, and some evil-keenevil styled feats of martial dareing-do, we get a harmless (but very well-acted by the human performer) monkey act — a monkey named Mr. Muggs.

After the gloriously over-the-top patriotism of the first act finale (you’ll be trapped in the Ringling Bros. of your childhood, but with irony!), the decent truly begins. The ringmaster’s paranoid ramblings about the “outside world” become more overt, we’re invited to “join Circus Contraption forever” by simply taking a drink, and we end with suicide, chaos, and a roach-dominated finale.

So, if you like your sword swallowing with some edge, your circus wonders with a side of social commentary, and the chance to drink it all in with some of Theo’s Chocolates (their factory provides a new home to Circus Contraption), this a great date night for you. Be ready to drink, laugh, and sing along.

Personally? I can’t wait to see what these amazingly talented folks do next.

Circus Contraption’s “Show to End All Shows”
@ Theo’s Chocolates
3400 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

Tickets: $25/person
Thurs – Sun, most shows for 21 and over only
Until July 6th, 2008


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