Posted by: instanthausfrau | July 3, 2008

Our Children’s Librarian Could Beat Up Your Children’s Librarian.

Meet Ms. Lupine. She’s the children’s librarian at New Holly Library, and she is Full Of Win. Why, you ask?

Because at Toddler Storytime last Thursday, she brought in and read an article from Parenting Magazine. The article detailed behaviors that should ban a child from library storytime (i.e. anything other than sitting in perfect, silent attention to the story at hand). “Please don’t listen to this,” she said as she finished reading. “Your child is welcome, even if they don’t seem to be paying attention, they still get stuff out of this. [I can vouch for this — I remember how exhasperating it was that Moon seemed to be trying to do anything but pay attention during storytime, but would go home and sing all the songs to herself as she played]. I don’t want anyone to feel like they shouldn’t be here. My only rules are that kids stay safe, and my voice should be the loudest one here.”

We ❤ you, Ms. Lupine. Even if we dig up dated pictures of you on the Intreywebs. 😉



  1. […] only did our aforementioned awesome librarian hold “Talk Like A Pirate Day” themed storytime last week, she dances in parades […]

  2. Now that’s just the nicest thing ever!! Even if you had to stalk me on the internets to get that photo = ha ha ha!

  3. […] Holly Library Cooks With Books Program contact Children’s Librarian Lupine Miller (yes, that Ms Lupine) to find out when the next one will be happening 206-386-1905 […]

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