Posted by: instanthausfrau | September 21, 2008

Click click.

Just some quick links:

  • Making Muffins For Ages 2 and 4 | On the trials and tribulations of cooking with preschoolers.
  • Not only did our aforementioned awesome librarian hold “Talk Like A Pirate Day” themed storytime last week, she dances in parades too.
  • Speaking of your local library, parents of kids with the collecting bug should pick up A Library Passport, containing pages on every one of the expanded library systems branches. You can get your shiny new passport stamped at each library location. It’s a great way to check out new library locations, see new parts of Seattle, and just have a great cheap thrills adventure with your kids. I’ve even heard of one adult making a bike trek to each and every stop.
  • Spent today with a college friend who has just flown into town. As it turns out, she’s installing the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit at the Children’s Museum this week. Will type up notes later this week on just what goes into creating a Children’s Museum exhibit, as the stuff she had to say was fascinating.

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