Posted by: instanthausfrau | October 22, 2008

Cooks with Books (and Kids)

Mud Soup by Judith Head

Mud Soup by Judith Head

Attended the New Holly Library’s “Cooks with Books” program last night — these are a quarterly-or-so event, where families sign up to learn a new recipe, eat the results, and read books that feature that recipe. We had “Mud Soup” last night — a delicious black bean soup, with smoked paprika, garlic, carrots, onions, and green pepper. Served with sour cream and cheese, it was heavenly. Desert for the menu was a simple cheese cake with optional fresh fruit, not included in the story, but who needs an excuse for cheese cake?

Mind you, that still couldn’t get our pickiest of picky eaters to try a bite of soup. In her own words, she says, “No no no no, I won’t eat it!”. Moon also acknowledges that yes, it was still fun to go. The cooking process kept her enthralled (lots of chances to smell ingredients, questions about why things are done, etc), she loved the story (so much so that we have checked out Mud Soup and a Sesame Street Cook Book), and there were plenty of kids crafts there to keep her busy. She made an apron, colored a box decorated with fall leaves, and even a cookbook to house her new recipes. We ended up letting her try the cheese cake with the caveat that she have some more nutritious food at home (I don’t want to discourage her from trying new things, though I wonder if I need to start randomly adding the word “cake” to other foods); she did indeed eat familiar growing foods at home, and I was glad to expose her to more variety of foods and cooking without the inevitable battle of wills that occurs when it’s just ‘mommy and moon’ in the kitchen.

We were a little disappointed to not be doing the cooking ourselves last night — explanations about Washington State food handlers permits were soon offered, and I get why we are the audience instead of more active participants. Attendies ranged in age from preschool – middle school kids, and a range of parents and even the interested adult. It was a completely worthwhile experience, but in the interest of full disclosure you should know I’m a sucker for this sort of thing (Sweeney Todd parties with Meat Pies, Ratatouille parties with… you get the idea). Another nice touch was the huge variety of cookbooks available for check out, which we could browse at our leisure. You cannot beat the price of this great event — free.

New Holly Library Cooks With Books Program
contact Children’s Librarian Lupine Miller (yes, that Ms Lupine) to find out when the next one will be happening

In addition, PBS Parents offers some do-it-yourself ideas about cooking with preschoolers:



  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading through your site. I have a fledling blog that I just started last week. When my son was nine (he’s now 14) I didn’t think he was getting enough out of school, so I started writing him his own newsletter.

    Took me this long to figure out I could put it on a blog. It’s a lot different from yours and the spacings a little off, but please pass the word.


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