Posted by: instanthausfrau | November 14, 2008

Four years ago, I was hating labor.

Shes four!

She's four!

Dear Moon,

Just a quick note to say thank you. The four years you have been with us (sometimes it seems an eternity, sometimes only yesterday that we brought you home) have been more full than I could possibly have known. Some quick highlights, for me:

While I will mourn the passing of the phrase, “Boobifull Bubbafly” I will celebrate “Toosketti” as long as you keep saying it.

I love seeing you with your friends. And though I still hate the words “Princess Aurora” and the frequency with which they escape your lips, I love how in your world she fights with giant spiders and T-Rexs, helps her friends in their adventures, takes such good care of puppies and kitties, and knows Kung-Fu. Such an improvement upon sleeping all the time.

And if you’re not being Princess Aurora, you are Cheeky Monkey, who speaks in a high pitched voice, and doesn’t know so many of our rules like Ashlyn does. Sometimes, Cheeky Monkey seems to be your stand-in younger sibling, someone you can fight over toys with and tell what to do. Your teacher has assured me this is very active imagination, and not early emergence of multiple personality disorder.

While you have been telling me for months that you will, “Eat [insert undesireable food here] when I am four” I am not planning to hold you to it (the Husband may be another story here). I am thrilled that your choice for birthday dinner is sushi.

I love hearing you sing, belting out your created tunes at the top of your lungs. When you crawl into my lap and tell me you need ‘snuggle time’, you still place a hand against my cheek like you started doing at three months.

Happiest of birthdays, I will go get started on your french toast now, and I hope you are not too disappointed when there is no puppy amongst your presents this year.

In motion, your usual state of being.

In motion, your usual state of being.


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