Posted by: instanthausfrau | April 19, 2009

On falling off the face of the Earth (again)

I started to type up a long explanation here, involving travel, The Husband’s acceptance into an Out of State Grad School, more travel to check out said East Coast state, and the revelation that I’m pregnant with what should be our second child (and then a deferral of said grad school in the interests of Health Insurance and not moving across the country while 9 months pregnant). And then, I went to the midwives, and saw this:

Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?
Our theories of a two child family have evaporated, replaced with the looming dread of being very suddenly outnumbered. So it ‘s been a crash course with subjects like “Preventing Preterm Labor”, “Breastfeeding Multiples” and trying to figure out if we were going to have to buy a bigger car to shoehorn three car seats into the back (with infant seats, we’re okay. Not sure how things will go when we upgrade from there). And the boys aren’t even due until September (yup, two boys*). Until then, it will be mild panic all the way.

Questions I can think of at the moment that lots of people ask:

Are they Identical? Originally, we thought no because they have separate amniotic sacs (and gave that information to others who asked). It turns out that while separate sacs are good for the growth of the babies and lower the risk of the pregnancy, they do not preclude identical twins. So, this is a giant we don’t know.

How far along are you? 19 weeks, according to the fine medical professionals involved in all this. I have finally stopped trying to throw up my socks, and am doing much better for that.

Are they ‘natural’? No. They are, in fact, made of a Space Age Polymer. (Line borrowed from the brilliant Chez Perky ).

What do you know about the babies? Well, from observation on the ultrasound, Baby A is an active little stinker and will be The Husband ‘s responsibility (A is determined by the babies position, the one closest to the cervix is called “Baby A”). I will hang out with the mellow, laid back, and thumb sucking Baby B.

*Moon wanted a boy and a girl. When we found out they were both boys, I waited to tell her until a night when things were going particularly well. So, on a night of great one on one time, when we had been so close and happy I told her. “The doctor told us about the babies. Do you want to know?” I asked softly. “Oh, yes!” she breathed, wide eyed and hopeful. “It’s two boys!” I told her. “You will have two little brothers!” Her face did not just fall, it crashed. She fled the room in tears, only to return moments later screaming, “I will give them away! I will give them away, and you will have to have another baby!” Matters were resolved after 15 minutes of this, when we determined that she would still get to be a big sister no matter their gender.


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